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Protocol for Visits by Political Candidates or Surrogates Sponsored by Registered Student Organizations.

The Ohio State University is a prime location for visits by political candidates and surrogates affiliated with their campaigns. The university has been the site of numerous visits by candidates for a variety of federal, state, and local public offices.  These events generate coverage by the local and national news media as well as interest and attendance by the public.  As an academic institution, the university values the opportunity for students to view the political process first-hand.  The following protocols are in place to ensure that the university remains in compliance with federal regulations for non-profit institutions. 



The university does not endorse candidates for public office, and all candidates and surrogates shall be treated equally pursuant to these protocols.



The lead contact for the university with regard to visits, events, and the administration of these protocols shall be the Vice President of Student Life or designee(s), working with the Vice President for University Communications and Vice President for Government Affairs.



Each visit subject to these protocols must be sponsored by a registered student organization.  If the visit is not sponsored by a registered student organization, these protocols would not apply.



Visits subject to these protocols must allow for attendance by Ohio State students.  For example, if tickets are made available to the public, they must be generally available to Ohio State students.



The costs of visits subject to these protocols and all related events must be covered by the visiting campaign.  No university funds shall be used to cover the costs of these visits or events.  Any university costs incurred shall be billed to the campaign.  Administrative time for university staff involved in planning the event shall not be billed unless authorized by the university lead.



Event sponsor(s) and visiting campaigns shall be subject to all applicable policies and procedures regarding the reservation of event space.



Event security must be coordinated with the university’s Department of Public Safety.  Public Safety will coordinate with the Secret Service, or other law enforcement entity, if applicable.  The sponsoring student organization(s) shall consult with Transportation and Traffic Management and CampusParc as soon as possible in the planning process with regard to traffic, parking, and transportation issues at the event site.  University administrators assigned to the event site will have final authority on set-up and access issues, particularly as they pertain to fire safety and crowd control.



University Communications should also be among the first units notified and will coordinate media relations issues with the candidate’s staff.



The university logos and/or seal may be used in backdrops or other appropriate locations as approved by the university lead. This use should not be seen as an endorsement of any particular candidate, but as identification of the university as the location of the event in news coverage.

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