In advancing the University’s national role in promoting sustainability and solving global energy challenges, Ohio State this year launched the Sustainability Institute. The institute not only promotes sustainability and resilience research, teaching and learning but also builds collaborations with public and private sector partners to develop and apply sustainable solutions. More than 600 faculty and researchers are engaged in sustainability research at Ohio State, finding solutions for issues in social, economic, environmental, business and technology realms. Ohio State is well-suited to address the complexity of sustainability challenges, which require deep integration across a breadth of disciplines, including natural and physical sciences, social and behavioral sciences, engineering, public health, business, law, planning, policy, arts and humanities. The Sustainability Institute facilitates the university’s purposeful, effective and coordinated approach to sustainability-related interdisciplinary research, teaching, campus stewardship and community engagement aimed at advancing innovative solutions to improve the well-being of our campus, state, regional, national and global communities.



Kate Bartter

Executive Director, Sustainability Institute at Ohio State

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